DVD and Picture Orders – Theatre

All DVDs, pictures, and school apparel are contracted by Mt. Zion to a ‘third party’ as a service to our parents. If you have questions or concerns regarding an order you have placed or would like to place, please contact the appropriate vendor as noted below.

Pictures After January 2016

All pictures taken after January 2016 are taken by Winship Studio.  If you would like to order a picture please go directly to their website.

Winship Studio

Packages, collages, and specialty products are available.  To sign up for your photo session or find out more information about how to order your pictures, select Mt. Zion under the Client Access section of the website.  Pictures will be available for viewing on Friday of picture week.  Order by the following Friday to receive a 10% early order discount (visit the Winship website for details) .  Pictures may be shipped to your home for a small fee or picked up from their studio.  Pictures will be available until March 30 of the following year.  For older pictures, please contact Winship Studio directly.

Pictures Prior to May 2015

All pictures taken prior to May 2015 were taken by HRImaging.  If you would like to order a picture please go directly to their website.


Please note due to technical difficulties, for families that have multiple siblings in our program or students ordering multiple packages, the $5 shipping and handling fee is being charged on each package.  If you contact HRImaging’s customer service they will either assist you with your order or provide a credit for the ‘additional’ shipping and handling charges.  Each family should only be charged one $5 shipping and handling fee.