Student and Parent Expectations – Kidz Theatre

  • The program commitment begins in June even though the first class is in September and runs through the following June.
  • Student attendance is mandatory at intensives, rehearsals, techs, and performances. Unexcused absences from Run Thrus and Tech Rehearsals will prevent a student from performing in the show.
  • Each Kidz Theatre student is allowed 4 excused absences. If the allowed number of excused absences is exceeded, it will influence participation in the final performance.
  • Your attendance and behavior may influence casting and your ability to participate in the performances at the Director’s discretion.
  • All students should arrive 10 minutes prior to class.
  • Costumes and accessories are the property of the student.
  • Proper attire is required to participate in class: modest, comfortable clothing and shoes that allows each student to move, bend, and sit on the floor. Please no dresses, skirts or skorts.
  • Each student will need their own theatre make-up kit.
  • The use of cell phones is prohibited during classes, rehearsals, and performances.