Picture Orders and Company Shop – Dance

All pictures and school apparel are contracted by Mt. Zion to a ‘third party’ as a service to our parents. If you have questions or concerns regarding an order you have placed or would like to place, please contact the appropriate vendor as noted below.

Pictures After January 2016

All pictures taken after January 2016 are taken by Winship Studio.  Dance Company Members are able to order packages, collages, and specialty products same as our other dance students as noted on the Picture Ordering page. 

Pictures Before May 2015

Class pictures are contracted through our picture vendor and ordering information can be found on our Picture Information page. Two specific picture ordering options are offered just to our Dance Company Members: (1) the Panorama and (2) Collages. Both the Panorama and the Collages are available through Marianne Hallet. Marianne’s contact information is as follows: