Auditions/Placements, Company Expectations and Commitment – Dance

Mt. Zion’s Dance Company begins in July and culminates the following May. Mt. Zion has only one Dance Company, but it is possible for students to be selected for and invited to participate in more than one routine. Although we encourage and look forward to having each of our students accept all of the opportunities offered to them, we recognize the level of commitment required by both our parents and students in order to do so. As such, please review the rehearsal, performance, and financial expectations carefully prior to making a commitment. Each participant is critical to the success of the program and once registered, changes to a routine is not easily made.

Company Auditions for the 2019~2020 Season will take place during our June Dance Camp. Company Members are expected to attend Dance Camp if their schedule permits. If you are unable to audition during Dance Camp, please contact us no later than Friday, May 31, 2019 to sign up for our alternate audition. New this year, all students interested in auditioning for our Dance Company must sign up on line (click here) and complete an audition form (click here).

Company Placements will be available by 5pm on June 28, 2019. Two meeting times have been scheduled for our parents on Tuesday, July 9 and July 16, 2019 at 7pm in Aud A (both meetings are identical and you only need to attend one of the two sessions). Company families will receive a packet with detailed information on the coming season at these meetings.  The contract, signed by both the student and the parent, along with registration paperwork and first payment is to be turned in to the studio no later than July 19, 2019

Company Acceptance and Commitment Fee
Company Acceptance and Commitment Fee

Each Company Member must provide a signed contract stating that they understand the expectations and requirements of being part of Mt. Zion’s Dance Company. The contract, signed by both the student and the parent, is to be turned in to the studio along with their $125 ‘refundable’ commitment fee no later than July 19, 2019. The $125 commitment fee will be refunded if all company attendance requirements are met as detailed below.

Commitment Fee Attendance Guidelines
  1. Summer Classes – summer classes are mandatory and exact dates will be announced during the Fall of the prior season for each subsequent season. Click here for the August Conditioning Class Requirements.
  2. September Choreography Workshops – Choreography workshops held the first two weeks of September are mandatory (immediately following the Labor Day holiday).  The exact schedule will be provided in late August (some routines may rehearse on Saturday).
  3. September thru May
    • All absences MUST be excused.
      • An excused absence is an absence provided in advance either in writing or phoned in at the desk.
      • If a student is running late, ill, or is going to be missing class the front desk MUST be contacted.
      • Please do not take excused absences for granted. If a student does not need to miss, DON’T!
    • No unexcused absences will be allowed. If a student or parent does not make the front desk aware of a ‘same day’ absence or any absence, the company member will be evaluated and the company commitment fee will not be refunded the following June.
    • Company Routines (regularly scheduled classes and extra rehearsals).
      • 5 excused absences will be allowed from each routine.
      • 3 tardies equals an absence.
    • Technique Classes (i.e., non-company, required classes).
      • 6 excused absences will be allowed from each required technique class.
      • 4 tardies equals an absence.
  4. Performance Participation Requirements
    • Students must meet all performance requirements.
    • Dress rehearsal participation is mandatory to perform in an upcoming event. If a Company Member does not attend a dress rehearsal, they will not be able to perform in the subsequent event.
    • Students must be in class the week prior to a scheduled competition/performance in order to perform in the subsequent event.