Auditions, Program Content and Pre-Requisites – Youth Theatre

All students are required to audition each year for placement in either the Youth Theatre program or the Kidz Theatre program. To audition, click here to sign up on line.  Audition information is as follows:

Students will be notified of their placement via invitation eMail/letter within two weeks.  An informational meeting will be held for potential parents/students of our Youth Theatre program on Tuesday, May 14, 2019 at 7pm in the Theatre.

Click here for a copy of the new brochure.

The Youth Theatre program is an ALL INCLUSIVE program that begins in June of the current year and culminates in March the following year. The program is NOT designed to give students the ability to choose just one of the three activities noted below. Students are expected to complete the program in its entirety. The program consists of:

  • One Camp – July
  • Performances in October
  • Performances in March

Casting will be determined by director. Attendance, skill level, previous roles, and other factors will influence assignment of parts/roles.

  • All students (returning or new) are required to audition each year for enrollment/acceptance into the Youth Theatre program.
  • First year students are required to attend the intensive and must be enrolled in at least one School of Performing Arts theatre/broadway class for an additional fee.
  • Students ages 11 and under must be enrolled in at least one School of Performing Arts theatre/broadway class.
  • Students ages 12 and older must have at least two years of advanced drama training. Advanced drama training requirements are verified through an audition process.
  • Registration forms for the required class must be submitted no later than Friday, July 5, 2019.

Code of Conduct/Other Policies and Procedures: All policies and decisions are at the sole discretion of the Mt. Zion Youth Theatre. We reserve the right to expel any student based on behavior, attitude, attendance or other issues. Refunds will not be given under these circumstances.

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