Registration and Billing/Refunds – Music

Class information for our fall classes is posted no later than July 4th of each season.  You may register at any time once the schedule becomes available.  Our classes do ‘close’ so early registration is encouraged in order to secure your spot.  Returning families will also have their registration fee waived if your registration is received on or before the Open House date.

Each year we also host a registration Open House.  It is not required for you to wait until the Open House to register but if you would like assistance with completing your registration form, you need to audition for a specific class, or would like to meet our staff we encourage you to attend our Open House as follows:

  • Friday, August 24, 2018 from 5pm to 9pm

Registration will be held at 4900 Maybee Rd, Clarkston MI 48348. Please enter at rear of building – School of Performing Arts doors (parking lot signs read Office).

Please complete the Registration Form in it’s entirety at the time of registration.

Click here for a Registration Form.

There is an annual registration fee of $20 per family. This fee is waived as follows:

  • New Families – mention this page and let us know this is your first class with us.
  • Returning Families – register on or before the Registration Open House noted above.

Mail in registrations are welcome and encouraged as soon as class information is published for the new season. However, in order to keep prices low, we are not staffed to provide confirmations of receipt of registrations or mail an invoice. Invoices are available for pick up during summer office hours or after classes begin in September.

Registrations after September 17, 2018 are welcome. Recital participation for music students registering after Dec 21, 2018 will be at the school’s discretion.

The majority of our classes are scheduled for 9 months beginning in September and ending with our final performance in May. Tuition for these classes is from September thru May. Tuition is not prorated based upon the number of classes taken or registering late. Periodically, workshops will be offered (as noted on the class details) for which payment in full is due at registration.

Two tuition payment plans are offered. Costume payment schedule remains the same with either option.

  1. Payment in full for the entire year
    • At Registration – Tuition portion for ALL classes is paid at registration with any applicable fees.
    • Family Discount – A one-time discount of $15 is given per family if this option is chosen.
    • November 5th – $30 costume deposit per class per performance and fees, if applicable.
    • February 4th – Any remaining fees and remaining costume balance.
  2. Payment is divided into 3 equal installments as detailed below. Payment due dates for classes that run the entire season from September thru May are:
    • At Registration – first payment of tuition and any applicable fees.
    • November 5th – second payment of tuition and any applicable fees.
    • February 4th – FINAL payment of tuition and any applicable fees.

Invoices will be mailed about two weeks prior to the payment due date.

There is a one-time class fee of $10 for each music class taken payable at registration.

  1. In person during normal business hours. We accept cash, check or credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, or Discover).
  2. Over the phone with a credit card (VISA, MasterCard, or Discover).
  3. Using on line bill pay from your bank or credit union:
    • Be sure to include your Family ID as your Account Number if you choose this method of payment
    • Make checks payable to: Mt Zion School of Performing Arts
    • Send all checks to: 4900 Maybee Rd, Clarkston MI 48348
  4. Using our eMail address ( from your bank or credit union:
    • Be sure to include your Family ID as your Account Number if you choose this method of payment. Your Family ID can be found on your invoice above your name.
    • Send all payments to:
    • Log into your on line bank account:  Go to ‘send money via eMail’ or ‘send money using Zelle’.

Once registered, we are counting on your student to be a part of the program. This is critical as much work has been done selecting songs and costumes along with developing recital choreography with your child in mind. As such, we ask that you do not ‘drop’ a class unless no other alternative is available. That being said, we do recognize that circumstances come up that require your student to drop a class.

In order to drop a class, please complete a Drop/Add Form as soon as you are aware of the need to leave the class. This is critical because costumes are ordered as early as November and many plans are made based upon your student being in the class. Once the form is received, refunds will be given based upon the following schedule:

  • Sept 15th through Sept 28th cancellations: 10% of full year tuition is required to be paid.
  • Sept 29th through Nov 2nd cancellations: 35% of full year tuition is required to be paid.
  • Nov 3rd through Nov 16th cancellations: 50% of full year tuition is required be paid.
  • Nov 17th through Feb 1st cancellations: 75% of full year tuition is required be paid.
  • Feb 2nd through the end of the season: No tuition refunds will be given.

Once registered, late registrations will follow the same schedule as noted above.  Unless specifically requested, refund checks are processed and issued in June upon completion of our season.  Click here for Drop/Add Form.

Registration and other one-time fees including, but not limited to, class fee are non-refundable.

The Mt. Zion School of Performing Arts is a non-profit organization. As a non-profit, we rely on your prompt payment in order for us to pay our staff and purchase costumes for your students. Costumes are ordered and paid for as early as November in order to receive them on time for pictures and recital. So, although it is not our preference, the following fees will be assessed in order to cover the extra costs incurred by the school for these items:

  • Late Fee: A 5% late will be applied on all outstanding tuition and costume balances with a minimum fee of $5.
  • Bounced Check Fee: A $36 bank fee will be applied for all checks returned for non-sufficient funds.